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Centerville Pies (Small)(Pick-Up Only)

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Made in Cape Cod with the freshest ingredients, then flash frozen

Chicken Pie: Overstuffed with slow-cooked, hand-pulled chicken and homemade gravy

French Meat: Ground pork and beef with mashed potatoes and seasoning

Sausage & Apple: Italian Sausage with granny smith apples, and a touch of sage

Shepherd's Pie: Seasoned ground beef with onions and corn, topped with creamy mashed potatoes and Parmesan cheese

Spinach & Feta: Vegetarian. Their version of traditional Spanakopita

BBQ Pulled Pork: Slow-roasted pork simmered in sweet BBQ sauce

Apple Pie: Hand-peeled mix of fresh apples with cinnamon, sugar, & nutmeg

Cherry Pie: Tart cherry filling with lattice crust

Blueberry Pie: A mix of wild Maine and cultivated blueberries

Cooking time 60 minutes